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Sensation (2010)
Tipperary farmer Donal Duggan is twenty-six, less a man than a child growing older, he is dead to wonder, dulled to life, empty of kindness and boiling with lust. Sensation details the relationship between Donal and a veteran Kiwi escort, Kim. They begin as client and call-girl, evolve
Genre: Drama,Foreign
Director: Tom Hall
Release Date: TBA 2010
Producers: Katie Holly,Kieron J. Walsh
Actors: Domhnall Gleeson,Luanne Gordon,Patrick Ryan,Kelly Campbell,Owen Roe,Eleanor Methven,Tracy Green,Madalina Alexe,Marie O'Neill,Andrea Irvine,Brendan McCormack,Lalor Roddy,Gemma Mae Halligan,Karen Scully,Ingrid Craigie,John Kelly,Shadaan Felfeli