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3Some (2010)
An art student surprises his classmate and fellow artist by keeping the portrait he has painted of her when she believed she would own it after it was completed. The surprising turn of events continues into a seductive love triangle between her, him and a third student.
Genre: Drama
Director: Salvador Garcia Ruiz
Release Date: May 27, 2010
Producers: Gerardo Herrero
Actors: Adriana Ugarte,Biel Duran,Nilo Mur,Guillermo Eced,Javier Aguayo,Alvaro Aguilar,Felicidad Blanc,Diego Braguinsky,Cristian Magaloni,Lola Marceli,Toni Miso,Pepa Pedroche,Patricia Plaza,Fernando Ripoll,Adan Rodriguez,Patricia Teruel,Alfonso Torregrosa