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Are You Scared? (2006)
Six kidnapped teens awake to find themselves trapped in a seemingly abandoned factory, but they soon discover that their every move is being taped by a series of security cameras. A voice booms out over the battered speakers mounted on the rotting walls…“Welcome to ‘Are you Scared?’”
Genre: Horror
Director: Andy Hurst
Release Date: September 12, 2006
Producers: Michael Feifer
Actors: Alethea Kutscher,Erin Consalvi,Brad Ashten,Carlee Avers,Kariem Marbury,Soren Bowie,Eric Francis,Jennifer Cozza,Brent Fidler,Rydell Danzie,Madison Dylan,Patricia Place,John Jolly,Mick Minh Nguyen,Amy Lyndon,Caia Coley