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Half Baked (1998)
After Kenny accidentaly kills a cop's diabetic horse by feeding it the food he purchased from a munchie run, he is put in jail and is given a 1 million dollar bail. The rest of the group must bail Kenny out before Nasty Nate gets to him. The group decides to sell marijuana that Thurgood gets
Genre: Comedy,Crime
Director: Tamra Davis
Release Date: January 16, 1998
Producers: Robert Simonds
Actors: Dave Chappelle,Guillermo Díaz,Jim Breuer,Harland Williams,Rachel True,Clarence Williams III,Laura Silverman,Tommy Chong,R.D. Reid,Gregg Rogell,Kevin Brennan,Alice Poon,Rick Demas,David Bluestein,Kevin Duhaney,Matthew Raposo,James Cooper,Paul Brogren