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Pepperminta (2010)
Pepperminta is trying to live without fear, just as her beloved grandmother told her and that's whats making her different to other children at her age.
Genre: Drama
Director: Pipilotti Rist
Release Date: January 26, 2010
Producers: Christian Davi,Christof Neracher,Antonin Svoboda
Actors: Ewelina Guzik,Sven Pippig,Sabine Timoteo,Elisabeth Orth,Oliver Akwe,Hanspeter Bader,Blondy,Pola Claricini,Silvia Fenz,Silke Geertz,Marisa Growaldt,Gebrüder Hnelozub,Marianne Iseli,Hubert Kuempfel,Noemi Leonhardt,Hubert Mäder,Sissy Neumüller