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Sweatshop (2009)
Charlie and her friends break into an abandoned warehouse and begin setting up an impromptu party. Unbeknownst to them, something lurks in this dark place... a presence so horrific, so monstrous, it has no name.Fueled by uncontrollable, unprovoked rage, this Beast knows only one thing - Charlie and
Genre: Horror
Director: Stacy Davidson
Release Date: November 20, 2009
Producers: Laura Bryant,Ted Geoghegan
Actors: Ashley Kay,Peyton Wetzel,Brent Himes,Melanie Donihoo,Naika Malveaux,Julin,Krystal Freeman,Danielle Jones,Vincent Guerrero,Jeremy Sumrall,ViVi Sterling,Michael Gingold,Fernando Phagabeefy,Miko Marie,Gerald Harris,Justin Khine,Lisa Hilzendager