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Leaves of Grass (2010)
The lives of two identical twins, one an Ivy League philosophy professor, the other a small-time and brilliant marijuana grower, intertwine when the professor is lured back to his Oklahoma hometown for a doomed scheme against a local drug lord.
Genre: Comedy,Crime,Drama,Thriller
Director: Tim Blake Nelson
Release Date: September 17, 2010
Producers: Elie Cohn,Kristina Dubin,John Langley,Bill Migliore,Tim Blake Nelson,Edward Norton
Actors: Edward Norton,Melanie Lynskey,Susan Sarandon,Keri Russell,Maggie Siff,Richard Dreyfuss,Tim Blake Nelson,Josh Pais,Ty Burrell,Lucy DeVito,Randal Reeder,Krystal Mayo,Steve Earle,Ken Cheeseman,Tina Parker,Lee Wilkof,Lisa Benavides,Naima Imani Lett