Red Band Trailers
The Fall (2009)
Tony Jakubiak is careening through life as a hip, black sheep under-achiever. The polar opposite of his square, over-achieving D.A. older brother Frank, who is on his way to becoming the youngest Governor in history. Then, one night, Tony is arrested for the brutal murder of a priest. A
Genre: Drama
Director: John Krueger
Release Date: October 30, 2009
Producers: Marcienne Friesland
Actors: Jimmie Akins,Gregory Beam,Benjamin Ciaramello,Peter Cilella,Erica Curtis,William Devane,Jason Durdon,Priscilla Garita,Rosemary Garris,Robert Gerdisch,Matthew Gold,Carolyn Hoerdermann,Steven Jeffrey Holden,Scott Kinworthy,Mildred Lombardi,John Lordan