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Terror Inside Teaser Trailer - Red Band Clips
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Terror Inside (2009)
Joe Salerno, a well driller excavating geological samples for a university project in the small Florida town of Montverde, is contaminated by a strange liquid that transposes his senses of pain and pleasure. Unaware he has been infected with a dangerous virus, he tries to impress Maria, a
Genre: Thriller
Director: Joe G. Lenders
Release Date: November 2, 2009
Producers: Joe G. Lenders,Flip Minott
Actors: Corey Feldman,Tanya Memme,Joe Abby,Susie Feldman,Chris Cavallaro,Keegan Shayne,Michael Hart,Larry Anderson,Sara Marx,Chad Jamian Williams,Eli T. Peña,Neil Bernard,Drew Brecheen,Glenn Brecheen,Judd Cribbs,Michael Ray Davis,Robert Lee Dekett