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Dance of the Dead (2008)
If SHAUN OF THE DEAD had a baby with John Hughes, it might look a little something like this charming, celebrated horror-comedy from Sam Raimi's Ghost House Underground. It's up to the dateless nerds at suburban high school to save prom night when the dead rise from the earth to feast on the living.
Genre: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Horror
Director: Gregg Bishop
Release Date: October 14, 2008
Producers: Gregg Bishop,Ehud Bleiberg
Actors: Jared Kusnitz,Greyson Chadwick,Chandler Darby,Carissa Capobianco,Randy McDowell,Michael V. Mammoliti,Mark Lynch,Justin Welborn,Mark Oliver,Blair Redford,Lucas Till,Hunter Pierce,Jonathan Spencer,Stephen Caudill,J. Jacob Adelman,James Jarrett