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The Babysitters (2008)
At 17, high-school junior Shirley Lyner is thinking about college and running a babysitting service that provides teen call girls to the dads of young children. In a long flashback, we see what brought her from being a babysitter to organizing and running the service.
Genre: Drama
Director: David Ross
Release Date: May 9, 2008
Producers: Kathy DeMarco,Jason Dubin,Jennifer Dubin,John Leguizamo,Cora Olson
Actors: John Leguizamo,Katherine Waterston,Cynthia Nixon,Andy Comeau,Denis O'Hare,Lauren Birkell,Alexandra Daddario,Louisa Krause,Halley Wegryn Gross,Ann Dowd,Spencer Treat Clark,Jason Dubin,Ethan Phillips,Paul Borghese,Chira Cassel,Anthony Cirillo,Kim Shaw