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The Anniversary (2009)
Cid is dumped by his girlfriend on the evening of their 15th anniversary due to his failure to propose. On the one year anniversary of getting dumped, Cid is still reeling from the break up and deals with the social stigmas of being in your 30's and single. In his struggle
Genre: Comedy
Director: John Campea
Release Date: TBA 2009
Producers: John Campea
Actors: Jason Contini,Manolis Zontanos,Julia Voth,Erin Cummings,Ashley Oxford,Ryan Patrick McGuffey,Dan Callahan,Betsy Cramer,Gavin Grazer,Jana Thompson,Kanesha Washington,Theresa June Tao,Kat Primeau,Christine Moore,Julie Clark,Fay Gauthier,Paige Kimball