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Book of Blood (2009)
Paranormal researcher Mary Florescu’s (Ward) investigations lead her to Simon McNeal (Armstrong), a college student who appears to be channeling messages from the dead. As their erotic relationship develops,
Genre: Horror,Thriller
Director: John Harrison
Release Date: September 22, 2009
Producers: Lauri Apelian,Clive Barker,Joe Daley,Micky McPherson,Jorge Saralegui,Nigel Thomas
Actors: Jonas Armstrong,Sophie Ward,Paul Blair,Romana Abercromby,Simon Bamford,Doug Bradley,Gowan Calder,Graham Colquhoun,James McAnerney,Joy McBrinn,Charlie McFadden,Marcus McLeod,Jack North,Siobhan Reilly,Clive Russell,Andrew Scott-Ramsay,Isla Stewart