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Five Fingers (2009)
A shattering look at the shifting morals of terrorism and covert torture, Lionsgate’s Five Fingers stars Laurence Fishburne and Ryan Phillippe in a startling cat and mouse thriller that turns recent prisoner abuse scandals on their head.
Genre: Drama
Director: Laurence Malkin
Release Date: May 29, 2009
Producers: Laurence Fishburne,Dolly Hall,Josh Kesselman,Laurence Malkin,Stavros Merjos,Malcolm Petal,Kelley Fel
Actors: Mimi Ferrer,Laurence Fishburne,Touriya Haoud,Isa Hoes,Antonie Kamerling,Colm Meaney,Ryan Phillippe,Anton Sinke,Saïd Taghmaoui,Gina Torres,Delilah van Eijck,Jeroen Zuidwijk